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om awaited the bride and ▓her companions in the temple, attended by an ▓equal number

image This is a free CSS website template by ▓ the young Aréli; the f. This work is distributed under the lush deepened on his ▓fair cheek, the int, which means that you are free to use it for any personal or commercial purpose provided you credit me in the form of a link back to ense blue of his beautif●.

.The little edific▓e was filled, for marriages in Eshcol ▓were ever solemnized in public; the number ●that attended evincing the feelings with whic●h the betrothed were regarded.The ●ceremony commenced, and, save the▓ voice of the officiating priest, there was sile▓nce so profound, that the faintest sound cou▓ld have been distinguished. As Josephine f▓lung back her veil, at once to taste the sacred ▓wine, and prove to Imri that no Leah ●had been su

bstituted for his Rachel,

Aliquam Risus Justo

▓a distant trampling fell clearly on the still a●ir.The service continued, but many?/p> image

?looked up to the high casements as i●f in wonder.The sun still poured● down his golden flood of light; no passing clou●d announced an approaching storm, so to ●explain the unwonted sounds as distant ▓thunder.They came nearer and nearer still; ▓the trampling of many feet seemed echoing from ●the mountain ground; and at the mo●ment Imri flung down the crystal goblet o●n the marble at his feet, as the conc▓lusion of the solemn rites, the shrill blas▓t

of many trumpets and the long roll of the p●ealing drum were borne on the wings of ●a hundred echoes, far and near.Wild birds, whos▓e rest had never before been ▓so disturbed, rose screaming from their haunts,● darkening the air with their flapping wi▓ngs.Again and again, at irregular ▓intervals, this unusual music was repeated; but▓ though alarm blanched many a maiden〃埊s cheek, and the brows of the sterner sex ●became knit with indefinable emotion, t

he after▓noon service, wh

ich ever follows the Jewish nupt●ials, continued undisturbed. The eyes● of Josephine were fixed on Im

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ri more ▓in wonder than alarm, and Benalmar had fo●lded his arm round her and whispered, “Mine, m▓ine in woe or in weal; mine tho▓u art, and wilt be, love! whatever ill thes●e martial sounds forbode.” A smile so● bright, so confiding, was the answer, tha▓t even had he not felt her cling closer to his▓ heart, Imri would have been satisf●ied.A sudden p


aleness banished t▓he rich flush from the cheek of the d●eaf and dumb; he relinquished his station▓ under the canopy which had been held over the▓ bride and bridegroom during the ce●remony, and drew closer to them.He had heard ●indeed no sound; but so keen are the other sen●se

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